Rebel - Lyrics and Song Story

If you don’t like the way the world is, you have an obligation to change it. Just do it one step at a time.
— Marian Wright Edelman
Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…
— C.S. Lewis


This is the edge

Like it’s always been

A dividing line is easier to draw than a circle holding us all in

This is the edge

Like we’ve seen before

And I don’t want to fall for it

I don’t want to fall for it anymore


We’re not buying what they sell


Maybe love can conquer fear

Maybe hope can dry our tears


This is the start

Where the waves meet stone

The saltwater on your face is almost home

This is your heart

Like you’ve never seen

Like the shore you lay here waiting to be washed clean

I don’t believe there’s nothing more

Love is what we’re here for

I won’t believe there’s nothing more

Love is what we’re here for


The little decisions of a thousand citizens fix the mistakes of one. You’ve never met a meaningless moment. It’s only through collective repentance that damage is undone. Are we content with the path we’ve chosen?

These were the original words to the bridge of Rebel, which we ended up not using, but for me they always communicated the heart of the song best. It takes five minutes of watching the news to get a grasp on the state of our world: violence, hatred, racism, fear, broken political systems, skewed economies, poverty, excess… the list goes on.

In the face of such overwhelming headlines, I find it hard to not start feeling helpless, or hopeless… how can we fix this? how do we dig ourselves out of this hole we’ve gotten ourselves into? am I part of the problem? But the reality is, if we’re not actively trying to reverse the current state of affairs, we are all part of the problem. Which maybe sounds a little harsh, but it also makes the solution a lot more simple, a lot more practical…

You see, if we are all part of the problem, the solution doesn’t lie with any one person to fix, which makes it an impossible task, it lies with all of us. The power to change this world doesn’t lie only in the hands of the ruling political party or your favourite not-for-profit; it lies with us. It’s the little things. The little decisions you and I make every single day. The choice of love over hate, acceptance over fear, community over division, forgiveness over retribution, charity over selfishness, compassion over judgement, empathy over hollow words.

Revolution, that’s how we change things. And I don’t mean a revolution like the wars of our predecessors, I mean an everyday revolution. A moment-to-moment rebellion against the way we’ve been taught to fight. We’ve been told to use weapons of fear, or fear-mongering, oppression, division, selfishness. I want to reject these notions, to rebel against them. I want to be washed clean of the lies I’ve believed and acted out, because I believe, passionately, that love is what we’re here for.

- Patrick