Where, oh where did Paravel go?

Hey friends! Long time, no see! So a bunch of you have been asking where we went! We had a couple of whirlwind weeks with the Battle of the Bands and then dropped off the face of the earth, so we wanted to fill you in on what we're up to! First off, we want to take a quick moment to say a huuuuge thank you to everyone who came out to those shows, the 3 rounds of the Battle. We were a little overwhelmed at the support, you crazies were waving homemade signs by our second show ever as a band, and it was rad! Anyway, we were blown away, so thank you so much!!

So, a couple updates, just to fill you in:

1) We're going to be pretty quiet for the next little bit as far as shows go, which you may have picked up on. We probably won't be playing any gigs until sometime in the spring, we're thinking. We know that's a SUPER long time to wait, and it is for us too, but rest assured that we're still working really hard behind the scenes; Patrick's writing songs like crazy, and we're rehearsing as much as possible. We're still a SUPER new band, and we really want to take the time to develop our sound, pick our best songs, and rehearse like crazy, so that when we start again proper, we're super amped about what we're playing, because we want you to be too!

2) We'll be putting out videos! Some friends and family grabbed some footage from the shows we played, and we'll be posting them here over the next little bit for those who weren't able to make it out, or those who want to relive the moment (we love you), so keep an eye out for that! And if you took some footage yourself, we'd be stoked if you posted it here!

3) So, we're a band with no music available to listen to. Like, anywhere. This is awkward, we realize this. It's one of the huge reasons we're taking some serious time to rehearse and figure out some songs that we're really passionate to share, because we really want to record something ASAP!! It also takes a decent chunk of cash to head into a recording studio, so if you feel like helping on that end, and you enjoy wearing seriously comfortable clothing (like seriously, we don't cheap out on the comfortable part), go buy a shirt at www.paravelmusic.com/store. Because here at Paravel, we believe in the words of Plato from his famous Indie Band Discourse, "The sooner a band is on your body, the sooner it's in your ears." Plato man, dude was ahead of his time. And remember, $1 from every shirt purchase goes towards the Cyrus Centre homeless teen shelter in Abbotsford!

4) This one's not an update, we just wanted to say we love you again, and thanks for making our little infant band feel special right from the get-go :)

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